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The Bingham High School Girls Lacrosse Organization is committed to fostering and promoting the sport of lacrosse, as played in the state of Utah. We will develop programs teaching lacrosse skills and encouraging excellence in athletic achievement while holding the highest standards of sportsmanship. We will solicit public and corporate awareness and financial support for our programs to facilitate the availability of the program to all who care to participate.

1.1 The Board of Directors shall consist of the following elected persons:
Vice-President Elect
Program Director
1.2. The day to day business of the Bingham High School Girls Lacrosse shall be managed by the Board of Directors.
1.3. The act of the majority, of those present and voting, shall be the act of the Board of Directors.
1.4. Where there are insufficient items to hold a meeting, the President may poll by telephone and/or e-mail all the members of the Board of Directors to obtain their vote, and notify each member of the Board within three days of the date of the vote as to the results.
1.5. In the event of a vacancy in any of the elected offices through resignation or other causes, the Board of Directors, by a majority vote may fill such a vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term.
1.6. Removal of any Board member (for sufficient cause) requires a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.
1.7. Removal of a person from an appointed office requires a 2/3 vote of the Board.

2.1. The offices of President, Vice-President, Vice-President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Program Director shall be elected from the General Committee to serve one (1) or two (2) years. This election shall be held at the end of each season at the Year-End General Meeting of the organization. A nominating committee made up of three (3) members shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at by April 1st, for the purpose of selecting a slate of candidates for election. The Varsity Head Coach shall be elected by the General Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
2.2. The Nominating Committee shall meet with the Board of Directors not less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the annual election to present a list of eligible candidates for the officers of the organization. They may nominate one or more candidates for each position. all nominations will be closed 24 hours prior to elections.
2.3. All elections will be conducted by paper or electronic ballots.
2.4. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes of the General Committee shall be deemed elected.
2.5. Vacancies not filled at the time of the General Election, or occurring during the year, may be filed by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.
2.6. The newly elected officers shall take office immediately following the Year-End General Meeting in May.
2.7. The year of the League shall begin on June 1st and end on May 31st.

3.1. The Board of Directors shall hold, as a minimum, a regular meeting each month during the lacrosse season.
3.2. Three members of the Board of Directors may call for a Board of Directors meeting. Three (3) days notice shall be given by the Secretary prior to the scheduled meeting.
3.3. A meeting of the Board of Directors may be called at any time by the President.
3.4. No votes can be taken or amendment made at a meeting without a quorum present (one more than 50% of the standing Board of Directors).

4.1. The Bingham High School Girls Lacrosse Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote by the General Committee members in attendance at the General Meeting.
4.2. The proposed amendment shall have been sent to each member at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.

5.1. Committees may be formed for any specific purpose not contrary to the purpose of the league. All committee members shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

6.1. No officer or other voting member of this organization shall receive any fee for activities concerned with his or her official office in Bingham High School Girls Lacrosse.
6.2. Payment for any personal expenses other than mail or telephone costs must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.
6.3. Any event which may be contrary to the spirit of the purpose of the league may be investigated by a Disciplinary Committee consisting of three (3) members appointed by the Board of Directors. The Disciplinary Committee will be chaired by the VP. The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to recommend disciplinary action to the Board of Directors by filing a written report. Where disciplinary action is recommended against a person, the person shall be furnished with a copy of the report and shall have the opportunity to appear before the Board of Directors and be heard, or file a written opposition to the report. The Board of Directors shall either:
• Take such action as recommended by the Disciplinary Committee
• Vote to dismiss the report
• Recommit it for further report
No disciplinary action may be taken by the Board of Directors except within twenty-one (21) days of the formation of the Disciplinary Committee.
6.4. Coaching assignments must be presented to the General Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
6.5. The Board of Directors shall review and adopt or revise the rules and policies of the League on or before the first General Meeting of the year.
6.6 The General Committee consists of all parents of current players in the Bingham Girls Lacrosse program. Each player has one (1) vote. The player/and or his representative must be present at the General Committee meetings to vote.
6.7 An annual budget shall be submitted by the Treasurer and approved by the Board of Directors

7.1. President:
7.1.1. Calls to order business meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of the General Committee.
7.1.2. Serves as ex officio member of all committees.
7.1.3. In instances where disciplinary measures appear appropriate or are recommended, the President will convene a special meeting of the Board of Directors.
7.1.4. Shall be authorized to arbitrate all matters.
7.1.5. In the case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.
7.1.6. The President and/or Treasurer shall have power to sign all checks and bank withdrawals.
7.1.7. Any expense over $500, and not previously approved in the budget must be approved by the Board.
7.1.8. The President, or designate, is required to attend all scheduled UHSLL and ULA meetings.
7.2. Vice-President of Lacrosse:
7.2.1. In the absence of the President, shall be acting President.
7.2.2. Shall be the overall coordinator of the U15, U13, U11 lacrosse teams.
7.2.3. Shall perform other such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.
7.2.4. Chairs the Disciplinary Committee as it pertains to lacrosse.
7.2.5. Shall be responsible to organize and present all lacrosse rosters, birth certificates, and registration forms to the President for the rosters submitted at ULA and UHSLL.
7.2.6. Adjudicates team or parent protests through impartial fact finding and arbitration.
7.2.7. Meets with Program Director, Coaches and assistants as needed.
7.3. Secretary:
7.3.1. Notifies the Board of Directors of Board meetings and regular meetings both as determined by the President. Obtains permits as necessary for public building use and field use.
7.3.2. Notifies the members of regular meetings via the mail or email.
7.3.3. Coordinates and maintains all league correspondence within and outside the league.
7.3.4. Assists the President in his/her duties.
7.3.5. Shall be responsible for conducting an annual registration for player-members and maintains lists of all registered members.
7.3.6. Shall Maintain a copy of the Bylaws for any member requesting said Bylaws.
7.3.7. Coordinates registration with the assistance of the BOD and delivers registration fees to the Treasurer.
7.3.8. Submits team rosters to the UHSLL and ULA.
7.3.9. Coordinates emergency phone lists and team rosters.
7.4. Treasurer:
7.4.1. Receives checks from players.
7.4.2. Collects and disburses funds as operational necessity dictates.
7.4.3. Manages bank accounts as necessary.
7.4.4. Keeps records of receipts and expenditures of the League.
7.4.5. Renders statement of financial condition on a monthly basis.
7.4.6. Assists any approved fund-raising committee.
7.4.7. Creates annual budget to be approved by the Board of Directors.
7.4.8. Assists the President in his duties.
7.4.9. Maintains a key to the P.O. box, and distributes mail accordingly.
7.5. Program Director:
7.5.1. Manage coaches and teams in compliance with ULA and UHSLL guidelines.
7.5.2. A Program Director may remove or suspend a player from a practice, game, or other BHSLL activity for any conduct deemed inappropriate based on the BHSGL “Code of Conduct”. Such action will require the approval of the Head Coach, with both the Head Coach and Program Director informing the player’s parents/guardians and the Board of Directors of such action as soon as possible. The Board of Directors will determine if a disciplinary committee is required to address the issue.
7.5.3. Responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship of coaches, players and players’ parents and fans during scheduled games.
7.5.4. Must notify the board of any disciplinary problems or injuries that involve the players or coaches.
7.5.5. Will be responsible for the actions of their coaches at all games, competitions, or any other related functions to BHSLL
7.5.6. Responsible for selecting coaching staff with approval of the Board.
7.5.7. Responsible for communications with parents as it pertains to schedules, notices, etc.
7.5.8. Program Director is responsible to assist coaches in re-scheduling cancelled games.

8.1. All Head Coaches must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
8.2. Coaching assignments must be approved by the Board of Directors.
8.3. All Assistant Coaches will be selected by the Head Coach, and must meet with Board approval.
8.4. Lacrosse Head Coaches must understand and be experienced in coaching under ULA rules and regulations.
8.5. All Head Coaches shall read and distribute copies of the *“Code of Conduct” to their assistants as an aid in the instruction of youth lacrosse.

9.1. When deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, payment schedules and scholarships will be made available. All finances will remain strictly confidential, and the Board will protect and insure the financial privacy of all participants.
9.2. The Board of Directors will consider all scholarships, and a majority vote will reward said scholarships.

9.3. Based on the financial needs to operate the league, the Board will determine the cost of registration for all teams and squads.