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Bingham Girls Lacrosse Team Fees

Bingham Girls Lacrosse teams fees are reviewed and adjusted as needed each season by the Program Parent Board. These fees are used for general program operations, including but not limited to, field rental, field striping and maintenance, equipment, coaches salaries, as well as their travel expenses, winter conditioning and other operational expenses. A detailed explanation of how the fees are determined is provided at the preseason parent meeting in January, and is available upon request from the president or treasurer of the board.


High School - Varsity and JV Fees

The team fees for the 2019 Bingham High School Girls Lacrosse are $625. Players may receive up to $100 off of their fees (bringing the total to $525) by volunteering during the regular season and at the Bingham co-sponsored tournament, Gathering of the Tribes. 

If you sign up to volunteer, you may deduct that amount from your team fee and write a separate check for each event you are volunteering for.  The check/s for volunteer hours will be held until the completed hours have been approved and signed off by a board member.  Your check/s will then be returned or shredded per your request. 

Please be prepared to pay in full with a check (made out to Bingham Girls Lax) or cash at our required attendance parent meeting on Jan 10 2019. 



Youth - Juniors, Thunder, & Lightning

The team fees for the 2019 Bingham Girls Lacrosse youth teams is TBD.

All fees must be paid before the first game, or you will not be allowed to play.

If you have any questions related to team fees please contact a member of the board.